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Every minute that your equipment isn’t in use means dollars down the drain. Portland Blasting is here to help! We are the most comprehensive industrial cleaning company in the Northwest, offering a variety of services for jobs large and small. We are committed to saving you time and money by cleaning your equipment and surfaces with the very latest in cutting-edge technology. Dry ice blasting is fast, environmentally safe and hassle-free, and leaves nothing behind to clean up – so you can get back on the job without delay!

Dry ice cuts through oil, grease, tar, asphalt, decals, dirt, ink, resins, and adhesives, and is 100% eco-friendly! We’re mobile, bonded and insured, and environmentally safe. Best of all, Portland Blasting is committed to customer satisfaction and communication – we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.


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10 Very Good Reasons to Use Dry Ice Blasting

  • Dry ice blasting meets USDA, FDA and EPA standards. It’s 100% environmentally safe!
  • Superior cleaning quality means fewer applications and less downtime.
  • Machinery can be cleaned in place and turned ‘on’ without cooling down, taking it apart, putting it back together or warming back up.
  • Dry ice blasting is 5-10 times faster than traditional methods and requires less manpower and fewer resources. You’re back on the job in no time!
  • Dry ice sublimates into thin air! We save you money on cleanup labor and temporary containment, areas are ready to use in less time.
  • Dry ice is nonabrasive, nonconductive and nonflammable and will not cause damage to most surfaces or even sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Dry ice poses no danger from flying grit or hazardous chemicals.
  • Dry ice is mobile and versatile so hard-to-reach areas are not a problem.
  • Dry ice is gentle enough for kitchens, freezers, refrigerators, and other food service jobs.
  • Dry ice is the most efficient and least labor-intensive method of industrial cleaning currently available.

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