Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting

Comprehensive nontoxic industrial cleaning solutions

Why Sand Blasting?

Sandblasting is the preferred method of removing rust.

Dry ice blasting is the best way to go for most projects, but sandblasting remains a popular option in removing rust and other corrosive impurities from metal surfaces.

Sandblasting also removes scale caused by laser cutting and welding for a smooth, contaminant-free surface for maximum adhesion effectiveness.

How Does Sand Blasting Work?

As with other blasting media, sand is fired at a high rate of speed and pressure against the object being cleaned. The impact of this small fine substance will gradually remove rust and other impurities from the surface. It’s best with sandblasting to establish a clean work area removed from the rest of your operation so errant sand doesn’t affect other sites. Your friendly and helpful Portland Blasting professional always comes prepared to set up containment walls and lay plastic tarps 10-12 feet around the project to cover any chance of over blast.

We at Portland Blasting are ready to conquer your toughest jobs. Our trained and highly skilled professionals arrive to your home or business promptly and prepared. We are committed to getting the job done right with the most cutting-edge solutions that will last.

Please note: We are currently meeting with customers by appointment only. Please contact the office to schedule a time to connect with us and discuss your blasting needs.

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