Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum BlastingVacuum Blasting

Comprehensive nontoxic industrial cleaning solutions

Why Vacuum Blasting?

Vacuum blasting packs the power of sand—without the risk of flying grit.

While sandblasting is very effective in the removal of rust and corrosive contaminants from metal surfaces, many projects require a clean working area free of excess residue and the possibility of further contamination.

Vacuum blasting packs the power of high-speed abrasive media coupled with a vacuum head that clears away sand, dust, coatings and other residue on contact.

How Does Vacuum Blasting Work?

Vacuum blasting is a more contained approach because it combines two functions in one workhead, thanks to an internal blast nozzle and a vacuum suction port. This process requires that the workhead be placed directly over the surface area being cleaned. Vacuum blasting takes a bit longer than other methods, since direct contact with the workhead must be maintained, which results in a smaller blast area.

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