Comprehensive nontoxic industrial cleaning solutions

PureStrip works on the most difficult surfaces. It’s fast and quiet with very little cleanup.

Portland Blasting offers the broadest array of industrial cleaning solutions in the Northwest. For any jobs that defy dry ice and vapor blasting, we bring in PureStrip (or Induction Stripping), a process that works like a champ on the very toughest contaminants and surfaces, including coal tar, epoxies, corrosion, and rubber.

How Does PureStrip Work?

We use localized heat induction to break the bonds of contaminants clinging to the work surface. PureStrip not only works faster than sandblasting, it’s also quiet so your clients don’t have to hear the work. And once again, cleanup is practically nonexistent.

PureStrip Works on All Kinds of Surfaces...

Introducing the new PureStrip coatings removal process.


Have a tough coating to remove like fiberglass, coal tar or antiskid? Use PureStrip! No media, noise, rust or residue. 100% non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly.


See it remove a layer of tar for yourself.

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