Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

Comprehensive nontoxic industrial cleaning solutions

Dry ice blasting is fast, efficient, safe and saves you money on manpower and cleanup time, getting you back on the job quickly!

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Our dry ice blasting system utilizes a compressed air stream of grain-size pellets (CO2) fired from a spray nozzle. When the dry ice hits the object, the freezing temperature causes the surface material to shrink and lose its grip on the original sub surface. The dry ice quickly penetrates the unwanted material and makes contact with the underlying surface; warming the dry ice and converting it back into carbon dioxide gas without becoming a liquid. This process is known as “sublimation.”

The gas, which has far greater volume than its solid form, expands underneath the unwanted material hastening its removal. Oil, grease, tar, asphalt, decals, dirt, ink, resins and adhesives are among the materials routinely removed by dry ice blasting. Only the loose contaminants must be disposed of, as the dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere.

What You Should Know About Dry Ice Blasting

When the dry ice blasting project is indoors the area must be well ventilated. Your trusty Portland Blasting professional will bring his own breathing apparatus if needed for tight spaces.

The dry ice itself is handled exclusively by our trained staff members. There is no risk of dry ice burn to the client, and no need to worry about additional cost, shipping or buying of dry ice. A freezer or refrigerator onsite to store the dry ice isn’t necessary. We come prepared with special insulated containers to keep the dry ice in a solid state as long as possible.

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