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Dry ice blasting is the leader in cutting-edge industrial cleaning methods. Tired of having to clean up after your equipment is cleaned? Is the mess and hassle of sand or soda blasting a pain in the rear? Do you have equipment that can’t get wet, would be better cleaned without having to power down or use solvents or water? Dry ice blasting is exactly what you need.





With no water or sand to clean up (dry ice quickly dissipates), the dry ice process saves time and money on the job. It is extremely gentle on equipment, machinery and building materials, yet tough as nails on grease, mold and other surface contaminates!

With dry ice, machinery and equipment typically found in print shops, marinas, mills, and other industrial job sites needn’t be taken apart or even cooled down. Dry ice blasting is environmentally safe for kitchens, bakeries and food preparation areas. Dry ice is non-toxic and contains no chemicals. Best of all, there is less time lost to work stoppages!





Dry ice can be used to clean all types of materials, to remove mold, fire damage, water damage, oil, tar, solvents, adhesives and more, without harming surfaces, including vinyl, rubber and upholstery.

Work environments where dry ice has been used successfully


Electronic/electrical control panels, cable trays, motors/stators, armatures/coils/windings, generators, printed circuit boards, semi-conductors, transformers, switch gear, robotic equipment, relays, turbines, insulators, sub-stations


Ovens floors, walls, processing equipment, ceilings, conveyors, baking trays, packaging areas and equipment


Buildings exterior/interior, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, residential structures, heating/cooling systems, bricks, wood remediation/restoration, graffiti and decal removal


Molding equipment, butt welders, process equipment, manufacturing equipment, piping, tanks, ship hulls, automobile interiors/exteriors, printing presses, pulp/paper equipment, oil field equipment, boiler tubes, aircraft

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Portland Blasting provides industry-leading property restoration and industrial cleaning services in Oregon and SW Washington. The company's expert technicians use the latest nontoxic cleaning products and technologies to solve customer needs. Buildings and equipment are restored to their original appearance without harmful residues or unsightly messes. Customers needing mold prevention and removal, odor elimination, fire and water damage restoration, industrial cleaning, and coatings removal turn to Portland Blasting for the finest customer service and the highest quality outcomes.

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