Dry Ice Blasting in Food Processing Environments

No Fuss, No Muss!


Perhaps the mental image of men with tanks and hoses combating possible contaminants in a commercial kitchen setting is a little unnerving. The idea of chemical agents mingling with machinery and surfaces used in large-scale food preparation isn’t exactly appetizing. But then, looks can be deceiving.

In the case of using dry ice as a means of sanitizing kitchens, bakeries, and other food-preparation areas, we’re talking about something revolutionary. This method, which utilizes a high-pressure spray of grain-sized pellets of dry ice, is faster, safer, and far more thorough than resorting to the usual arsenal of cleaning products that need to be administered via scrubbing and scouring by a small army of kitchen employees—who, needless to say, are not typically trained for this kind of work. Instead, a few professionals from Portland Dry Ice Blasting can handle the entire project, no muss, no fuss.

Dry ice can be sprayed onto surfaces and machinery without moving things around or taking apart equipment. In fact, machines can be cleaned while they’re still hot. Introducing this freezing agent to a surface causes contaminants—including all forms of bacteria—to lose their grip and fall off. With no chemicals agents required, dry ice blasting is 100 percent environmentally safe.

Best of all, there is no water left behind when the job is done. Water is the one element that bacteria need to grow back. When dry ice inevitably heats up it simply issipates into the air and you’re left with a completely sterilized area and nothing to clean up except the dislodged material.

Dry ice blasting and cleaning requires less time and labor, thus getting everyone back on the job quickly, saving employers money and sparing them needless downtime.

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