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Industries That Use Dry Ice Blasting

Let’s talk about specifically what industries use dry ice blasting.  If you have been following this blog, you now know how dry ice works, why you would use it, and how Portland Blasting got started. The industries are numerous and varied, but here are the most popular: […]

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A Dry Ice Overview

So you may ask, “Why dry ice? What makes it unique and special?”  There are a number of things you can do and/or services with dry ice that you can’t do with other cleaning methods like chemical/brush/sponge cleaning or sand/soda blasting. First, dry ice is completely non-conductive, […]

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The Genesis of Portland Blasting

When I set out to make a name for myself as the owner of Portland Blasting, there were a couple of key factors that had to be considered.  First, whatever method I use had to be non-toxic.  If there was any potential to harm my clients, employees, […]

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